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Payment & Shipping

Payment Options

Currency Options:
Choose to pay in Canadian Dollars (CAD), United States Dollars (USD) or Pounds Sterling (GBP) from the drop down menu at the left of the page (default currency is CAD)

Payment Method:
Choose to purchase items using your credit card (through paypal), Paypal Payments.

Credit Cards:
We've chosen to accept credit card payments through PayPal. We believe their buyer protection policies (including a money back guarantee option) will enable you, our customer, to shop with increased confidence, knowing that we never have access to any more of your information than we need. When you shop through an online merchant who is not a "known" name necessarily, you have no real recourse if you find fault with the product or service. Once you have passed your credit card information to them, you really don't know who has it anymore. PayPal eliminates that problem and provides protection for buyers and sellers alike.
Individual merchants never see your credit card information, we receive a confirmation email and your shipping address, along with your email address.

Paypal Payment:
You can quickly go through checkout after you have filled in your mailing address on our secure site.  You will be automatically taken to Paypal's secure website to type in your user name and password. You will receive a payment confirmation email from Paypal and North of Salem Money Order by Mail:*
If you wish to purchase an item with a money order, you will need to send me an email with the item description, your contact information and mailing address. You will receive an email confirming your order and the item will be placed on hold pending completion of our transaction.

*United States Money Orders
You must inform the post office or money order issuer that you are buying a money order to be deposited into a Canadian bank. They will issue you an International Money Order, rather than the standard money order which is only negotiable in the United States. When we receive money orders that are not International, we will be forced to return the money order to you as it CANNOT be deposited into our bank account.

Shipping Information

Within Canada and to the USA
10-19 = $3.50 S&H
20-49 = $7.00 S&H
50-99 = $10.50 S&H
100+  = FREE S&H

Shipping to other countries please contact me before checkout

Upon confirmation of payment (see payment options above ) your item will be shipped via Canada Post within 48 hours.

Delivery Times:
Within Canada - Approximately 1week
United States  - Approximately 2 weeks
Overseas - Approximately 1 to 3 weeks

*Rush service is available for those last minute, special occasion purchases. Please email me to discuss options.

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