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Pendant Creation Process

This is basically how all my pendants are created. 

I take a small piece of clay, hand form it into the shape of the pendant, smooth the edges and make a hole so they can be strung on cords.

I then carve each design into the surface of the clay using a tiny carving tool and set them aside for a day or so to harden.

The next day, using a soft sponge, I gently go over each pendant to make sure everything is perfectly smooth. Then apply ceramic paint to the carved designs.

After they are completely dry, I load the pendants into my kiln for the first time.  The kiln heats to a temperature between 2000 and 2300F (HOT!).  Firing takes about 24 hours to complete and to allow the kiln to cool down enough to open.

 When the pendants are removed it's time to apply the glaze.  The glaze is basically a glass coating that actually becomes part of the pendant.  Each piece usually has 2 coats of glaze applied by painting or dipping - with time to dry in between.

 The Kiln is loaded again for the second time for Glaze Firing again this process takes about 24 hours to complete.  Its very important not to open the kiln too soon or the glaze might crack.

 Opening the Kiln is the most exciting part.  I'm always amazed at how much they have changed from the little lump of clay they started out as.

  As you wear them they warm to your body temperature and you can feel the energy in them.

I love creating them. I hope everyone loves and enjoys them as much as I do.

Thanks and Blessed Be,

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